Zephyr the Dragonslayer

Zephyr the Dragonslayer is an exciting children’s fairytale/fantasy novel that addresses the following themes: the dangers of substance abuse, the impact of substance abuse on an individual and friends, collaboration, and caring interventions.

Beautifully illustrated, Zephyr the Dragonslayer weaves a story of friendship between the fairies, Zephyr, Maurelle, and Loxy. After one of the fairies gets caught up in a web of deception concerning a powerful drug, an intervention and a rescue ensues. The story shows there is hope and that truth can win in the struggle between good and evil.

Our children need to be given tools, like this amazing book, in order to be empowered and prepared to fight the dragon of addiction which is a scourge upon our land.

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Fairy Tales & Folklore / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories,Legends, Myths, Fables

Audience: Juvenile Age Range 5 – 12

Author: Doran, Christine Thomas

Illustrator: Garboski, Tanya

Imprint: Prose Press – WingMan Books

Fairy Tales & Folklore / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories,

Legends, Myths, Fables

The Author: Christine Thomas Doran is an international award-winning children’s book author of the environmentally themed Flash and Fancy river otter trilogy. She is part of a large national anti-drug initiative that is dedicated to educating our children about the perils of addiction and addictive behavior. Mrs. Doran resides with her family in Georgetown, SC and grew up in nearby Charleston. Christine earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University in Elementary Education and is a retired teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience.