Trouble Comes to Cattail Island


Author: Christine Doran Illustrator: Betty Wyles Themes: Social, Drugs, Alcohol, Substance Abuse, Survival Stories Age: 5-12 Hard Copy: $20.95 Soft Copy: $14.95 Trouble Comes to Cattail Island teaches a lesson on the dangers of substance abuse in an exceptionally creative way. The story’s plot revolves around the friendships among a group of anthropomorphized woodland animals: an owl, a porcupine, otters, deer, squirrels, rabbits, a raccoon, and a badger. All is peaceful on Cattail Island until a mysterious creature comes to call. At the Dance of the Silvery Moon Party, the animals must make a choice as to whether or not they should partake of this visitor’s special treat of crystal sparkling flowers. Trouble Comes to Cattail Island can be read and shared with your child and will open up opportunities for discussion on the dangers of substance abuse. Drugs are a scourge upon our nation and a deceptive part of today’s media driven society. Education is powerful! Our children need to be prepared and given tools like this book in order to fight the dragon of addiction.

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